Starters: Thin Man Brewery on Elmwood

By Caitlin Hartney / / June 22, 2016

Former Tabree chef Bruce Wieszala recently traded in fine dining for gastropub food when he agreed to take the helm at Thin Man Brewery, the newest restaurant in Mike Shatzel’s family of beer-centric restaurants.

Thin Man opened June 17, and while it is not yet serving its own beer, it is offering a well-rounded draft and bottle list. A co-worker, the most knowledgeable beer drinker I know, described the offerings as wide-ranging enough to please the everydrinker while still taking care to cater to even the most beer-geeky among us.

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Thin Man Lays It on Thick

We’ve been waitin’. We’ve been anticipatin’. And now it’s finally here. Thin Man Brewery has arrived in the Elmwood Village!

The brainchild of local developer Rocco Termini and Buffalo’s resident beer baron, Mike Shatzel, Thin Man is everything we’ve come to expect from a Shatzel project and more! (see: Allen Burger Venture, Liberty Hound, Moor Pat) Despite craft beer being the crown jewel of his other establishments, this is Shatzel’s first brewery. Although Thin Man’s house-made beer is getting its beauty rest in preparation for an inaugural tapping in August, we’re looking forward to some tasty experimental brews thanks to a collaboration with Community Beer Works co-founder, Rudy Watkins.

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From: Visit Buffalo Niagara

By: Drew Brown