16 Reasons to Plan a Food & Drink Pilgrimage to Buffalo

By Andrew Parks / Food & Wine / February 10, 2017

Like many cities its size these days, Buffalo has enjoyed an enviable rise in craft breweries, as recovering Bud addicts flood reputable taprooms like Resurgence, Big Ditch and 12 Gates. While Thin Man Brewery is one of the newest kids on the block, it’s run by well-established and influential restaurateur Mike Shatzel (Allen Burger Venture, The Liberty Hound, Coles). That explains why Thin Man went the brewpub route, pairing funky pints like Myrna—a wild apricot sour named after silent film star Myrna Loy—with left-field plates including a marrow-streaked Tokyo Burger topped with glazed pork belly, gruyere, caramelized onions, spicy remoulade, pickles, au poivre sauce and a fried egg.

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At Thin Man Brewery, fine beer and the food to back it up

By Andrew Z. Galarneau / Buffalo News / February 2, 2017

If our breweries were bottles, they would fill a case. Today, 24 local beer producers are working hard to distinguish their efforts from the competition. This pint-sized arms race has produced a steady stream of sophisticated brews, a blessing to area drinkers thirsty for something besides macrobrews.

This one’s aged in rum barrels, that one’s flavored with rare hops, made in a little-known European style or packing fruit, like apricots, cherries, or elderberries.

Unfortunately, the food menus of brew pubs and brewery restaurants haven’t shown a comparable level of imagination and finesse. At most area brewery-restaurants I’ve visited, the food seems like an afterthought.

Humans cannot live by beer alone, but the skimpier brewery menus make me think about trying it. Do Buffalo craft beer lovers deserve a place where the food is made with as much care as the beer? Thin Man Brewery says yes.

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Thin Man Brewery Brunch: Meats & Sweets

By Adrianne Salmon / Step Out Buffalo / January 16, 2017

If you’re a food and beer lover living in the City of Buffalo, you have surely heard the name Mike Shatzel. Well, he’s done it right, once again, in the form of Thin Man Brewery on Elmwood. Thin Man is a beer and meat lover’s fantasyland. Not only does Brewer Rudy Watkins concoct their own list of delicious brews, there are always rotating taps of carefully-selected beers from around the country and beyond. Then you have, *drum roll*, platters of house-cured meats and various other carnivorous menu options, perfect for washing down with beer. Their brunch? An offering of traditional brunch dishes (think: hash, french toast, breakfast sammy) with the option to begin your meal with something from the regular menu (think: cheese platter, charcuterie, mussel pot). It leaves you begging the question, what more could you or your party want?

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10 new Buffalo restaurants you need to visit

By Andrew Z. Galarneau / Gusto / August 20, 2016

Fine-dining veteran Bruce Wieszala turns his talents to a brewery menu, leaving pretzels and sliders to pale beside the glory of housemade sausage and bacon, mac and cheese topped with duck-fat-crisped crumbs, and death-defying burgers.

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5 Best Things to do in Buffalo

By  / August 11, 2016

I’m not particularly a beer drinker — okay, I just don’t drink beer. But, I did enjoy the atmospheres at the local eateries. My favorite was Thin Man Brewery on Elmwood Avenue. They have a small front patio on the sidewalk, a comfortable indoor area, and a fabulous rooftop patio that is the place to hang out in the good weather months. I was told by my dinner companion, a regular at the brewery, that the beer there is excellent. He recommended the Hair of the Dog Flanders Fred with what he called a bit of “funk”. In beer terms, I gather that’s a very good thing. Me, I stuck with a glass of wine, but the food was what would have me coming back here time and again.

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Elmwood Hits The Jackpot With Thin Man Brewery

By Brett Smith / Step Out Buffalo / June 20, 2016

A collaboration between real estate developer Rocco Termini and restaurateur Mike Shatzel, Thin Man has a Dream Team roster that looks poised to impress both your neighbors and those visiting from out of town.

Under the watchful eye of Rudy Watkins, a co-founder of Community Beer Works, Thin Man features a full-blown brewery operation. Watkins told me Thin Man’s operation will be forward thinking; focusing on hops, Belgian-style beers, and wild yeasts.

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Thin Man Brewery now open on Elmwood

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
John Hickey/Buffalo News

Thin Man Brewery is now open at 492 Elmwood Ave., the former combined spaces of Faherty’s and Toro. The new venture is a partnership between restaurateur Mike Shatzel, chef Bruce Wieszala and developer Rocco Termini. Thin Man Brewery offers a second-floor patio and will soon begin brewing its own beer.

Starters: Thin Man Brewery on Elmwood

By Caitlin Hartney / Buffalo.com / June 22, 2016

Former Tabree chef Bruce Wieszala recently traded in fine dining for gastropub food when he agreed to take the helm at Thin Man Brewery, the newest restaurant in Mike Shatzel’s family of beer-centric restaurants.

Thin Man opened June 17, and while it is not yet serving its own beer, it is offering a well-rounded draft and bottle list. A co-worker, the most knowledgeable beer drinker I know, described the offerings as wide-ranging enough to please the everydrinker while still taking care to cater to even the most beer-geeky among us.

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Thin Man Lays It on Thick

We’ve been waitin’. We’ve been anticipatin’. And now it’s finally here. Thin Man Brewery has arrived in the Elmwood Village!

The brainchild of local developer Rocco Termini and Buffalo’s resident beer baron, Mike Shatzel, Thin Man is everything we’ve come to expect from a Shatzel project and more! (see: Allen Burger Venture, Liberty Hound, Moor Pat) Despite craft beer being the crown jewel of his other establishments, this is Shatzel’s first brewery. Although Thin Man’s house-made beer is getting its beauty rest in preparation for an inaugural tapping in August, we’re looking forward to some tasty experimental brews thanks to a collaboration with Community Beer Works co-founder, Rudy Watkins.

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By: Drew Brown