16 Reasons to Plan a Food & Drink Pilgrimage to Buffalo

By Andrew Parks / Food & Wine / February 10, 2017

Like many cities its size these days, Buffalo has enjoyed an enviable rise in craft breweries, as recovering Bud addicts flood reputable taprooms like Resurgence, Big Ditch and 12 Gates. While Thin Man Brewery is one of the newest kids on the block, it’s run by well-established and influential restaurateur Mike Shatzel (Allen Burger Venture, The Liberty Hound, Coles). That explains why Thin Man went the brewpub route, pairing funky pints like Myrna—a wild apricot sour named after silent film star Myrna Loy—with left-field plates including a marrow-streaked Tokyo Burger topped with glazed pork belly, gruyere, caramelized onions, spicy remoulade, pickles, au poivre sauce and a fried egg.

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At Thin Man Brewery, fine beer and the food to back it up

By Andrew Z. Galarneau / Buffalo News / February 2, 2017

If our breweries were bottles, they would fill a case. Today, 24 local beer producers are working hard to distinguish their efforts from the competition. This pint-sized arms race has produced a steady stream of sophisticated brews, a blessing to area drinkers thirsty for something besides macrobrews.

This one’s aged in rum barrels, that one’s flavored with rare hops, made in a little-known European style or packing fruit, like apricots, cherries, or elderberries.

Unfortunately, the food menus of brew pubs and brewery restaurants haven’t shown a comparable level of imagination and finesse. At most area brewery-restaurants I’ve visited, the food seems like an afterthought.

Humans cannot live by beer alone, but the skimpier brewery menus make me think about trying it. Do Buffalo craft beer lovers deserve a place where the food is made with as much care as the beer? Thin Man Brewery says yes.

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